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Query Letters That Succeeded in Getting Writers Signed With (Book) Agents

End by Thomas Allen

Maybe you’ve already written a book (congratulations!) Maybe you’ve already started the often-maddening process of trying to get an agent to read it and represent it (and you), but it feels like you’re shouting into the void and everyone is rejecting or ignoring you. And you haven’t even started getting ignored and rejected by publishers!

Maybe your book isn’t the problem. Maybe your book is great but your query letter is the problem.

Thanks to Chuck Sambuchino for assembling and posting a number of actual query letters that succeeded in getting writers signed with agents. Check them out here – along with the agents’ comments about why the queries worked.

Of course, another factor is the timing of the project in the marketplace. And I’d also love to hear a follow-up on which proposals the agents actually sold to publishers, since I’ve helped on several proposals that agents loved, helped rewrite, then couldn’t sell anyway.

Awesome artwork is “End” by Thomas Allen.

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