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Coaching Testimonials

Greg Miller, Author of How to be a Writer Who Writes

Some Things Clients Have Said About Working With Greg Miller:

“The best writing coach in Hollywood!” – Kelly Carlin (“Carlin Home Companion”)

“I also enjoyed our time together yesterday and am impressed with your experience and perspective.  I am confident your coaching will be a great help and will add value to my project.  I appreciate your input, professionalism, and initiative!” – Jack (Non-fiction author)

“Our chat was inspirational. You have a lovely, young spirited yet wise energy which is a breath of fresh air.  Looking forward to chatting again, after my second draft is completed.” – Linda (novelist)

“Wow! Thank you doesn’t cut it. You have pushed me into a new realm and I’m so grateful.” – Mark (screenwriter)

“I definitely became a better writer thanks to you.” – Sid (novelist)

“Heartening! I went back and rewrote the whole thing from your notes.  Your insights really helped establish the theme more strongly, and upped the stakes nicely.” – Terry (screenwriter)

“As always Greg you nail it on the head and organize it.” – Mark (Treatment for a Documentary)

“LA’s most coveted coach!” – Jillian Lauren (author of the NY Times bestselling memoir “Some Girls: My Life in a Harem”)

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars

“Pure 100% awesomeness!” – Tucker (screenwriter on the Black List)

“I’ve done script consultation with Greg via Skype from Sydney to Los Angeles. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, very generous and so so so helpful.” – Vicki (writing a musical)

“Your notes and encouragement have been invaluable to me in helping this script along, and in renewing my self-confidence as a writer.  I can’t thank you enough.” – Mike

“Incredible! I can’t believe what you did in just one hour!” – Marnie

“I want to thank you for the feedback. Your insights were really — and I mean REALLY — helpful. Just a bit or rearranging, cutting, and adding truly improved matters.” – Oliver

“I feel liberated!” – Rob (screenwriter)

“You’ve done more for me than any therapist in the last five years.” – Julie (screenwriter)

“Thanks for the great notes. They’re very clear and give me a lot to work with. …Many thanks for your creative insight and incisive input. It really gets to the core of the work.” – Elizabeth (comedy sketch writer)

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars

Greg Miller, Author of How to be a Writer Who Writes

“You are just great, your help moving me along has been immense.” – Suzanne

“A fantastic writer, editor, coach and friend!” – Kathy

“A creative midwife!” – Kimberly

“Your input on was invaluable. I left re-energized and excited to get back to my work.” – Hilary

“Revelatory and dead-on. I’m making changes accordingly!” – Deirdre

“Fantastic! You’re a genius! I definitely feel like I have a direction now! You somehow manage to translate my babble and get to the heart of the piece.” – Jillian

“Inspiring. Simply outstanding!” – Kimberly

“Super-Duper helpful” – Mike

“Wow. Ok. What a patient and kind person you are!” – Ellen

“You helped me see things in a whole new way!” – Nicole

“Great fun! Thank you, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to dig in to all these facets without your enthusiasm.” – Judith

“Terrific insights!” – Noah

“You really see thru the muck and get down to the foundational elements – such a gift!” – Renee

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars

Greg Miller, Author of How to be a Writer Who Writes

“Greg is a FABULOUS coach. He has a remarkable eye for detail and an ear for tone, and he has taught me much about how to construct and develop a plot. I went to him seeking help with humor, and I ended up getting much more: a crash course in storytelling. Our conversations also became brainstorming sessions that generated new, valuable material for me. I recommend Greg for anyone who is stuck, who needs fresh eyes on their material, or who just wants a thoughtful, intelligent, and creative reader. He’s like a therapist for stories. And worth every penny!” – Vivian

“One hell of a job!” – Murray

“I love your notes. Invaluable!” – Krista

“I’m so happy with our talk. You’ve given me some solid scaffolding to get building on and I’m excited. I definitely want to keep working on this with you so will keep in touch. A massive thank you!” – Vicki

“Now I feel really energized!” – Suzanne

“WOW! I’m so happy! You sure know what you are doing!” – Kathy

“Thank you for all your guidance, your energy and your inspiration.” – David

“You are really helping me to do exactly what I was wishing to do. I now have a healthy perspective from which to explore the world of comedy.  Really, feels healthy to me. and I can see that this perspective steers me past some potential negative and/or bitter stuff.” – Ellen

“It’s like magic!” – Parker

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars

“Smart, funny, savvy and super, super helpful!” – Dani

“Greg listens, fires back smooth paraphrases, nudges the procrastinator forward, and befriends the work. It’s not boot-camp, it’s art, and he holds up the palette for the piece to get completed.” – Paul

“Your notes are really going to make a substantial difference in the make up of the project.” – Michael

“Really blew the cobwebs out for me!” – Adam

Greg Miller, Author of How to be a Writer Who Writes

“Not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.” – David

“You’re totally spot on with everything you’re saying. You’re really helping me see things much clearer.” – Kristi

“You are a God!” – Robert

“This is like a dream come true. I am so much happier with my writing now. It’s like graduate school. You cleared SOOOOO much up for me and gave me confidence. It’s like you’re pouring jet fuel into my mind! OH MY GOD! LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE GREATEST BOOK EDITOR. I’M WRITING RIGHT NOW and it might even be a little good.” – Chayah

“Greg is The Great Motivator!” – Joy

“Great session! You get an A+. Fun and encouraging!” – Ashley

“I feel totally supported. It makes so much difference knowing there’s someone standing by to read what I’m working on.” – Krista

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars

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