How To Be A Writer Who Writes

Another 5-star review for “How To Be A Writer Who Writes: Strategies and Tactics to Start and Finish Your Book or Script” on Amazon:

Full of good ideas February 3, 2013 By DCW

“This book made me want to get some of folders out and really start turning one of them into a book (I may be the “serial starter” that the author describes). As someone who teaches writing myself, I teach some of the same things, but I also learned a lot more from this book–especially when it comes to writing longer projects (like a novel or long non-fiction piece) and also how to shape a story and think about characters. The practical advice on topics like file management and how to sit at your desk is refreshing and important, and it makes it clear that writing a book is not just a job, it’s a way of life, a whole life-giving and life-sapping process. In the middle of three stalled projects, I found the suggestions for writing quite appropriate in different ways for each one. So thanks, Mr. Miller: I may just get another book written, after all!”

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