INSIDE THE ART, CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF WRITING for Film, TV, Books, Stage, Print or Digital Media (with Particular Attention to Comedy)


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CONSULTING (More info here)

  • Hourly consulting, $100/hr. — Buy
  • TV Script Notes (up to 60 pages), $150 — Buy
  • Feature Screenplay Notes (up to 120 Pages), $200 — Buy
  • Book Notes (up to 350 Pages), $300 — Buy



  • The Other Network Writers Room” — Sorry, the Writers Room audio series is no longer available.

Product Details


Hourly Consulting – $100 – All purpose, any topic(s). Design an personalized writing plan, pitch new ideas, outline a draft or get rewrite notes on your project.

TV Script Notes (up to 60 pages) $150 – Detailed notes on your 1/2-hour comedy or 1-hour drama original or spec script, including a strategic discussion of the market and your career goals.

Feature Screenplay Notes (up to 120 pages) $200 – Analysis of your script, includes both specific suggestions for a rewrite of your current draft and a broader conversation about where this project exists in relation to your other writing projects and your the bigger picture of your writing career.

Book Notes (up to 350 pages) $300 – Coverage of your manuscript and extensive notes on how to develop it to the next level. This also includes a conference about the greater context of your other projects.


How to Be a Writer Who Writes

_HowToBeAWriter-CoverWWWAbout the Book
Super-charge your productivity with this lively, engaging guide to the creative process. It offers hundreds of techniques, road-tested in workshops and coaching professional writers, to get you over the inevitable hurdles you’ll encounter writing a book, script, or any large-scale project.

Greg Miller has helped NY Times bestselling authors, network TV writers, produced screenwriters and many absolute beginners. He’s taught at UCLA Extension, Humber College, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the NY Institute of Technology. He’s also pitched, sold, developed, written and produced film and TV projects for MTV, Fox, Comedy Central, Disney, Oxygen, HBO and others and he brings his wide experience to bear in this accessible, entertaining road-map to the writing process.

Buy for Kindle ($6.99)

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