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Who Makes How Much in Hollywood? (via the Hollywood Reporter)

Great article in the Hollywood Reporter about salaries in film and TV from writers and directors to chefs and production jobs. Includes ranges and averages circa 2014.

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Query Letter Pet Peeves – Agents Speak (from Chuck Sambuchino – via Writers in the Storm)

11 literary agents catalog their pet peeves, including: “Dear Agent…” Vagueness Dull chapter summaries “What would you do if…?” Read the whole article here: * * * Awesome art … Continue reading

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For Writers, No Doesn’t Always Mean No: Drown Your Rejection Sorrows in These Rejections by Famous Writers

1. George Orwell It seems Alfred Knopf didn’t always understand satire. Animal Farm, the famed dystopian allegory that later became an AP Reader standard and Retrospective Hugo Award winner, was … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter

Blogger Livia Blackburne reports on the reasons a panel of literary agents lost interest in books. Please note that this panel was at a public conference (a horrible environment to … Continue reading

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How to Write a (Non-Fiction) Book Proposal from Jane Friedman, ex-Publisher of Writer’s Digest

A great article about the what, why, how and when of writing a book proposal from the ex-Publisher of Writer’s Digest and current editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review. She … Continue reading

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6 Elements to Include in Your Original TV Drama Series Pitch (According to a TV Lit Agent)

My friend’s agent supplied the following list/outline to use while the pitch for an original TV series. This is specifically intended to help focus the pitch for a one-hour network … Continue reading

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Query Letters That Succeeded in Getting Writers Signed With (Book) Agents

Maybe you’ve already written a book (congratulations!) Maybe you’ve already started the often-maddening process of trying to get an agent to read it and represent it (and you), but it … Continue reading

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10 Guidelines for Writing a Query to a Book Agent

Here are some good basic guidelines for agent query letters (mostly as they apply to books) from a column on Click here to read the full article. When Writing … Continue reading

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What Book Editors (Tell Literary Agents They) Want

Find out what major publishers like Da Capo, Pargrave Macmillian, Basic Books, Times Books, New American Library and others say they’re looking for in this article by literary agents Andrew … Continue reading

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