INSIDE THE ART, CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF WRITING for Film, TV, Books, Stage, Print or Digital Media (with Particular Attention to Comedy)

Miller’s Compendium

Thanks to a rousing Kickstarter campaign, the First Edition of this unique writer’s resource is now available via Amazon.


“Miller’s Compendium” is a comprehensive reference e-book for writers; a clickable guide to all the essential rules, formulas, guidelines, prompts and strategies for any form or genre of writing.

Hundreds of articles and thousands of internal and external links – all organized for practical writing application by writers with any level of experience:

• Solve story problems
• Discover exciting new plot devices
• Clarify genre rules
• Develop deeper characters
• Get inspiring writing prompts
• Break through writer’s block

The Compendium features thousands of useful ways to develop story, character, and your writing process (500+ pages) – all organized, annotated, and illustrated with inspiring vintage graphics.


This 1st Edition represents a step forward in e-book technology and a great leap forward for reference books. It was made possible by many generous forward-looking Kickstarter backers.

The best writing coach in Hollywood!” – Kelly Carlin, “A Carlin Home Companion”

An impressive amount of collecting and organizing… Such a great idea, done very well. And all in the spirit of creativity and telling better stories!“ – Roy Finch, Chapman University

LA’s most coveted coach!” – Jillian Lauren, “Some Girls: My Life in a Harem”


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