hands holding shotgun-americansmallarm00farrrich_0352My nephew recently begged me to get Hollywood to include more realistic gunplay in action movies and TV shows.

He points out that the sound of a gun going off – especially in a confined space like a room or hallway – is deafening. Why do you think anyone shooting at a firing range wears heavy-duty ear protectors? Even one gunshot would render anyone nearby deaf for many seconds, yet the Hollywood meme features people blasting away at each other, often at close range, with no apparent effect to their hearing. In fact, they often whisper to each other amid the gunplay.

This kind of unrealistic action undermines the credibility of the situation, the characters and, frankly, your credibility as a writer.

Remember, a lot of people who watch movies about action and cops actually shoot guns – and they know the difference.

Also, he adds: when an automatic weapon is out of ammo, the metal thing that holds a new batch of bullets is not a clip, it’s a ‘magazine’.