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9 Rules for Getting Feedback

HOT COLD FAUCETSDepending on the nature of the feedback you receive from your readers (or listeners if it’s a staged reading), it can be like taking a warm bath or a cold shower.

It’s important to remember that you can (usually) control the flow.

1. Get feedback before you re-read the draft for yourself (if you can possibly wait).
2. Ask for the kind of feedback you really want. Be as specific as possible.
3. Get feedback from 2–3 readers per draft.
4. Keep sending it to potential readers until at least 2 or 3 have read it and given you notes.
5. Once 2–3 readers have given you notes, and you have (re)gained a clear perspective for your next rewrite, contact any other readers who have the draft and tell them not to read it – save them for the next draft.
6. Ask lots of follow-up questions of your readers.
7. Thank your readers profusely – consider a small gift or at least a snack.
8. Take all feedback seriously.
9. Take all feedback with a grain of salt.

If one or two people tell you you’re drunk, you can ignore it. If three people tell you, you’d better lie down.

Also see my post about who can give you feedback

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