Photo by Erik Johansson

What’s wrong with a little well-placed denial?

If we really let ourselves embrace and admit how much work it takes to write a script or book, very few of them would ever get written.

How much work it takes to even make a draft of anything, much less to rewrite it several times (because, if we’re being honest, you know that’s what it will take) until it’s good enough to actually go public! Of course, you lie to yourself.

1) This one will write itself.

2) I don’t really need an outline.

3) One draft should do it.

4) I can finish a draft this month/year.

5) All that negative feedback is just because they’re jealous.

6) I won’t get greedy when there’s a bidding war and will go with the agent/publisher/buyer that’s best for the project.

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Awesome artwork by Erik Johansson