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Happiness is a Warm Desk: How Your Work Area Affects Your Productivity

Some writers put way too much attention into their working environment – and then don’t actually get much work done.

Many others (like me) pay barely any attention at all into the setting.

I found this fun article by Leo Widrich on Buffer which indicates that the way you set up your workspace directly affects how much work you really get done.

Many comedians know that cold conditions are good for comedy clubs and performance situations. David Letterman famously keeps his TV studio very chilly and I’ve definitely experienced the soggy effects of a warm room on a comedy audience. But, apparently, the opposite is true when it comes to the writers room, where warmth makes the words flow like lava.

Also, natural light seems to make a difference. Ironic (and sad) that corporations like Walmart who make workers work in rooms without windows so they have less distractions are actually making people less productive.

Read the whole article here.

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Awesome art photo by Jerry Uelsmann

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