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“Let Me Count the Words…” (How to Measure ‘Average’ Writing Output)

I believe in measuring output – at least during a drafting phase of your project. By measuring your productivity, you… Boost your confidence about your ability to generate pages Psychologically … Continue reading

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LA Writers Clinic – June 12 & 26

LA Writers Clinic – 2 Thursdays, June 12 and 26th, 7-9pm Focus, unblock or (re-)energize your project at any stage of the process. * Rewrites * Outlines * Stuck mid-draft … Continue reading

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Managed Fantasy

Fantasy is important – especially for writers. But maybe we should try to fantasize more about simply finishing the project, not the wild success we’ll enjoy after it’s written. Here’s … Continue reading

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For Writers, No Doesn’t Always Mean No: Drown Your Rejection Sorrows in These Rejections by Famous Writers

1. George Orwell It seems Alfred Knopf didn’t always understand satire. Animal Farm, the famed dystopian allegory that later became an AP Reader standard and Retrospective Hugo Award winner, was … Continue reading

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3 Criteria of the Bechdel Gender Imbalance Test (from Alison Bechdel & Liz Wallace)

1. Does [your project] contain two or more female characters who have names? 2. Do those characters talk to each other? 3. Do they discuss something other than a man?

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Theolonius Monk’s 18 Pieces of Advice to Himself – Also Applicable to Any Performer (and Most Writers)

18 Pieces of Advice to Himself (from Theolonius Monk) 1. Just because you’re not a drummer, doesn’t meant that you don’t have to keep time. 2. Pat your foot and … Continue reading

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The Case for Not Rushing It: Where Good Ideas (and Good Book Trailers) Come From

“The Latin verb cogito for ‘to think’ etymologically means ‘to shake together.’” Writers are often at their least creative when it comes to beating themselves up for not working, or … Continue reading

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Just Say No: A Simple One-Word Key to Productivity

Thanks to Blogger Kevin Ashton for his inspiring post justifying my lack of inspirational posting this month – I’ve been busy writing! – and his post about why creative people … Continue reading

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Space Talk: What Astronauts Can Teach You About Writing Dialog

Thanks to 101books for this funny post on what the astronauts can teach us about writing dialog. 101 Books doesn’t specify, but I’d say this excellent snippet of dialog can … Continue reading

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When to Stop Rewriting (Pt. 1): Don’t Be a Chicken

If you can’t tell whether a scene is better before or after that 4th rewrite, stop. Like a doctor who takes the Hippocratic Oath, rewriters should “first do no harm”. … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Quotes to Help Writers Be More Creative (Pt. 2, 3 & 4)

I hope you find these thoughts inspirational, but do, eventually, get back to work on your own writing project, won’t you? See my previous post for inspirational quotes to get … Continue reading

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