INSIDE THE ART, CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF WRITING for Film, TV, Books, Stage, Print or Digital Media (with Particular Attention to Comedy)

Get Perspective (& Notes) on your book or script

Greg Miller helps writers write.

He is a veteran writer, teacher, and consultant, specializing in autobiography, comedy, and genre fiction for writers at any level of experience. He’ll give you insights, feedback, guidance and encouragement on your memoir, novel, screenplay, or tv script, or any other kind of writing project, and help you…

  • Increase productivity
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Outline and structure your project
  • Revise & rewrite
  • Punch up dialog
  • Deepen characters
  • Develop story
  • Add comedy
  • Ask the right questions
  • Finish your book or script

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars and schedule a session by phone, sykpe, or facetime, and get your project written.

• Hourly Consulting $100/hr. –> Special pandemic rate : $60/hr.

• Flat rate for : TV Script Notes – $150 ; Feature Screenplay Notes – $200 ; Book Notes – $300 (up to 300 pages)

• Pro Bono – Greg does a limited amount of pro bono work on projects of significant social impact for writers in financial need. E-mail with details.

Read more about Greg Miller

Read what others say about working with “LA’s top coach” & “The Best Writing Coach in Hollywood”

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