INSIDE THE ART, CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF WRITING for Film, TV, Books, Stage, Print or Digital Media (with Particular Attention to Comedy)

Get Perspective (& Notes) from “The best writing coach in Hollywood”

Greg Miller helps writers write.

Get written notes, phone or Skype sessions or in-person consultation in Los Angeles from a veteran writer and writing coach. Insights, feedback, guidance and encouragement on your screenplay, novel, autobiography, non-fiction, tv script or any other kind of writing project.

  • Increase productivity
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Outline and structure your project
  • Rewrite notes
  • Punch up dialog
  • Deepen characters
  • Twist plots
  • Add comedy and write funnier

Call 323-717-4731 or e-mail to discuss your particulars and schedule a session to get your project written.

• Hourly Consulting $100/hr.• TV Script Notes – $150
• Feature Screenplay Notes – $200
• Book Notes – $300 (up to 300 pages)
• Pro Bono – Greg does a limited amount of pro bono work on projects of significant social impact for writers in financial need. E-mail with details.

Read more about Greg

Read what others say about working with “LA’s top coach”


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