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Who Are You Going to Call? Six Kinds of People Who Can Help You Write

cherubs compass engineers-bickham-anitnhI don’t know anyone who writes in complete isolation except during intensive drafting phases. It’s important to build a circle of helpers and there are many kinds of support available – for the writing itself and for strategic career advancement.

1. Other Writers (Allies, Advisors, Writing Buddies, Writing Groups) provide invaluable feedback and encouragement – unless they drag you down with bad advice. Find/start a local group or go virtual.

a. The Black List
b. Talentville
c. Wattpad

2. Writing Partner(s) can potentially add perspective, camaraderie and share in the heavy lifting of drafting – assuming you’re compatible (Also see “7 Things to Consider (and Discuss) if You’re Collaborating – including a Sample Letter of Agreement”

3. Writing Classes/Teachers have obvious benefits for finding #1’s and possibly #2’s – and maybe finding an inspirational mentor.

4. Writing Coach/Consultant can give you in depth focus and an outside perspective (Also see “A Writing Coach’s Guide to Writing Coaches” coachs-guide-to-writing-coaches/)

5. Professional Writing Programs are the “open door” to Hollywood. They can provide an entree into “the Business”, or at least help you meet #1’s and #2’s, but please read the fine print before submitting any material. In some cases, you are agreeing to be unreasonably exploited.

a. Sundance Screenwriters Lab
b. WB TV Writers’ Workshop
c. CBS Writers Mentoring Program
d. Disney/ABC TV Writing Program ngs_fellowship.html
e. FOX Diversity Writer’s Initiative
f. NBC/Universal Writers on the Verge verge.shtml
g. Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship
h. Also see The Black List Help Page

6. Muse/Higher Power – Your call.

Adapted from “How To Be A Writer Who Writes” by Greg Miller

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