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The Beginning of “Miller’s Compendium of Timeless Tools for the Modern Writer” has begun!

top cherubs-carrying-books-1535x415It’s the end of a wildly-successful Kickstarter campaign to finance production of this wildly-ambitious mega reference e-book for writers. The campaign ends this Saturday, July 11 at 8am p.s.t. so you can still get a copy of the first edition for yourself or a writer you love – and get credited in the Acknowledgements as one of the visionaries behind this amazing new writers’ resource. But now is the time. There’s less than 48 hours to go.

I’m in the middle of a final editorial pass to clean-up, tighten, tweak – and add a few more bits of useful, practical, inspirational information to help you brainstorm, develop and analyze your own writing in any form or genre.

If all goes according to plan, there will be a subsequent hardcopy edition, so this really is just the beginning of the project. I hope we’re also just at the beginning of a new way of thinking about writing. Not as isolated scribes, scribbling away alone, and not single-mindedly subscribing to one writing guru or method, but using all the means available to make our writing projects the best they can be.

Write on!

3 comments on “The Beginning of “Miller’s Compendium of Timeless Tools for the Modern Writer” has begun!

  1. jack
    July 22, 2015

    I only discovered this kickstarter campaign after it ended.

    Will the ebook be available for purchase? If so, when?

    Crossing my fingers!


    • gregorymilleris
      July 30, 2015

      In the fall I hope. Stay tuned – and thanks for your interest!

  2. jackjamesbyrnes
    July 22, 2015

    Unsure if my previous comment posted successfully so I’ll try again.

    I discovered the Kickstarter campaign for this incredible sounding reference source after the campaign ended.

    Please tell me there will be an opportunity to purchase the ebook in the near future!

    I’ll probably get a hardcopy also, but the ebook idea is invaluable.

    Fingers Crossed!


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