BECHDEL TEST-RIDING LADY FRAME3It’s practically 2015 and gender representation in media is still not nearly equal. In your own spec writing at least, do the world a favor and give your ensemble…

The Bechdel Gender Imbalance Test

by Alison Bechdel & Liz Wallace

  1. Does [your project] contain two or more female characters who have names?
  2. Do those characters talk to each other?
  3. Do they discuss something other than a man?

You will be shocked and appalled if you apply the test to movies released (and promoted!). Try it yourself or let the New Yorker do it for you…

New Yorker Bechdel Quiz for Best Picture Nominees/Winners

Flip genders of your main characters and see what happens. You might find deeper levels of the story like Ridley Scott did with a little movie called Aliens.

And while you’re at it, what about giving your story…

The Angry Black Woman Racial Imbalance Test

  1. It has to have two POC (People of Color) in it.
  2. Who talk to each other.
  3. About something other than a white person.

And just for laughs – or not! – see what happens when POCs do get ‘featured’:

Literally Marginalized

by Sasha Grapeworth from Funny or Die

Write on.

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Riding Lady Frame from Open Library

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