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Self-Published Success Story: Trolls and Lots of Them!

Amanda Hocking by Ben Innes for NY Times

Amanda Hocking started writing, and self-publishing, fantasy fiction as a teenager in Minnesota. After she proved her own market, traditional publisher St. Martin’s gave her a $2 million deal. She currently has 14 books on Amazon, all published since 2010. As an author, she ranks #51 in Books > Teens and #75 in Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Horror

Her formula for success: trolls and lots of them. After many many rejections from traditional publishers, she self-published her own novels. When she sold over $2 million worth of books herself in a little over a year, she got her St. Martin’s deal.

Self-publishing lesson learned: Find a sub-niche and work the bejeezus out of it.

Read the NY Times profile here.

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