If you are looking for a story to tell, or have elements for your project, but are still searching for a genre, format, spine or central storyline, consider one of the following perennially-popular stories. Or consider modifying your existing idea to incorporate one of these, because they almost always work.

1.  Nazis

2.  Cancer

3.  Woman / Animal / Child in Jeopardy

4.  Boy / Girl and Their Dog / Horse / Whale

5.  Ragtag Band of Rebels / Artists / Underdogs

6.  Gotta Sing / Dance / Act / Play a Sport

7.  Romantic Comedy

8.  The Mighty Falling (esp. egotistical and misguided)

9.  Righteous Revenge

10.  Mad Killer(s)

11.  Troubled Teen(s)

12.  Black / ethnic hired help / foundling helps effete upper-class white(s) regain soul / humanity

* * * * *

This material is excerpted from “How To Be A Writer Who Writes: Strategies and Tactics to Start and Finish Your Book or Script” by Greg Miller. Get the book for Kindle or any other e-book formats.

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