How To Be A Writer Who Writes

“YOU WANNA WRITE? READ THIS” – Marc Weingarten (author of “The Gang That Wouldn’t Write Straight”)

“INFINITELY PRACTICAL” – Terri Jentz (author of “Strange Piece of Paradise”)

“WITTY, WISE AND VITAL!” – Mel Shapiro (Distinguished professor, UCLA (emeritus) and author of “An Actor Performs” and “The Director’s Companion”)

“INVALUABLE ADVICE!” – Jillian Lauren (author of the NY Times bestseller “Some Girls: My Life in a Harem”)

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How To Be A Writer Who Writes” focuses on the internal creative process that’s essential for any writing project. It offers hundreds of practical techniques road-tested over years in workshops and working with clients one-on-one – and offers solutions if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

“How To Be A Writer Who Writes” includes specific practical advice including…


  • 7 Guidelines for Exploratory Writing
  • 11 Things That Can Increase Your Productivity
  • 7 Ways to Generate Material Without Having to Stare at a Blank Page/Screen
  • 6 Reasons You Haven’t Finished More Projects
  • 5 or 6 Ways to Quiet the Negative Voices in Your Head
  • 2 Good Reasons to Procrastinate
  • 11 Ways of Writing Without Writing


  • 6 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Project
  • 8 Ways to Grow Your Project
  • 7 Ways to Use Visual Elements in Your Project
  • 6 Reasons to Pitch Your Project Before You Write a Rough Draft
  • 5 Ways to Work on Character
  • 11 Stories That Almost Always Work
  • 5½ Ways to Outline a Writing Project


  • 6 Ways to Make a Deadline Meaningful
  • 7 Steps To An Effective Writer’s Diet
  • 4 Ways to Prevent/Limit/Offset/Heal the Physical Pain of Writing
  • 8 Decisions You DON’T Have to Make in a Rough Draft
  • 12 Things To Do If You Stall in the Middle of a Rough Draft
  • 19 Ways to Increase Your Drafting Productivity
  • 5 Tactics to Use When You Absolutely Have To Finish Your Draft


  • 9 Rules for Getting Feedback
  • 4 Different Kinds of Rewrites
  • 4 Counter-Intuitive Ways to Stimulate to Creativity
  • 13 Things to Cut
  • 3 Essential Building Blocks for Any Scene


  • 4 Reasons Not to Beat Yourself Up If You Aren’t Releasing Your Project Into the World
  • 8 Things You Probably Need To Interest An Agent, Publisher, Manager and/or Producer In Your Project
  • 10 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Own Project

…And much more!

Get it on Kindle from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free program here.