Your ‘pitch’ is a crucial element to selling any project, even if you’ve already written and/or produced it. You’re going to have to pitch your idea to producers, directors, executives, editors, agents, possibly actors and, hopefully, marketing executives and the media.


Saturday, March 10 SOLD OUT

NEXT SESSION: Saturday, April 14, 3-6pm at Bang Studio, 457 N. Fairfax

REGISTER NOW $75 per person (or team) – SPECIAL $50 REGISTRATION until March 9

Registration is limited and first-come first-served. All participants will sign a non-disclosure agreement to secure original ideas.

This session will help you develop a compelling pitch for your script, show or book, including:

1. Defining Your Project: Log lines, genres and other key components that define a project. Includes different styles and approaches to staging & delivering a pitch. Participants will practice the fundamentals by pitching movies and TV shows that have already been made.

2. Storylines: Tools for condensing storylines, how to make a story concrete without getting lost in the details, how to represent ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ stories in your pitch and ways to frame your original story for maximum comedy/drama.

3. Characters: Who’s story is this anyway? How to define characters, primary relationships and chart your character hierarchy in a pitch that makes your characters come alive.

4. Here Comes The Pitch: What is your story really about? Finding the core theme of your project, an angle of entry, framing the pitch and bringing all the elements together for an engaging compelling presentation of your original project.

Greg has pitched and sold projects to Comedy Central, MTV, 20th Century Fox, Oxygen, Disney, Dino DeLaurentiis, Comedy World Radio, the Recovery Network and others. As a writer and publicist, he has pitched and placed feature stories with Rolling Stone, Newsweek, NY Times, LA Times, Daily Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Writer’s Digest, Premiere, NPR, NBC, flavorpill, salon, Time Out-NY, The New Yorker and many others.

Email or call Greg at 323-717-4731 to secure your space.